• TTC-12-24A Digital Temperature Controller (Plug+Play)

Plug-and-play design with implementation in mind.  The TTC-12-24A  is an economical temperature controller that provides PID control accuracy for thermoelectric cooling or heating systems.  Designed for plug and play convenience, the TTC-12-24A is error proof pre-wired with a 36” T-type thermocouple and wire harnesses to match the entire plug and play product line. In addition the TTC-12-24A arrives pre-configured for cooling mode operation with a 2⁰C Set Point. Simply install in your system, run the Auto-tune feature and you are ready to go. The TTC-12-24A is easily user programmed to control to desired temperature.  With plug and play components, you receive a solution not a puzzle.

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  • $129.00
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