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Electronic Controls Design and Engineering

When success depends on precise temperature control, crossing your fingers isn’t really a solution. The electronics within a temperature controller must be tuned to match that particular thermoelectric device.

Tellurex has decades of experience designing electronic circuitry specifically for use with thermoelectric products. Whether the application is medical, scientific, automotive or commercial, our temperature control and drive circuitry is designed for optimization of performance and value. And our electronics expertise is available to engineer customized solutions for your particular challenges.


An EMS ambulance company was having an emergency of its own: preventing the spoilage of perishable medicines in their vehicles. The main issue was maintaining proper temperatures within small storage spaces.

The Solution: We came to the rescue with cold containers cooled by Tellurex-designed cooling engines and temperature controllers with integrated power MOSFET current drivers.


  • Utility. Exclusive, economical single-set point temperature control systems. Customer-specified set point variations are available.
  • Unique. Custom-designed electronic temperature control systems.
  • Precision. Microprocessor-controlled variable digital controllers that feature auto-tune functions, high-current driver adaptors and panel-mount housing.
  • Volume pricing. The more you buy, the more you save. Please contact our sales and engineering representatives for details on orders exceeding nine pieces.
  • In-stock. We maintain a healthy stock of our most popular products and can have them shipped within 24 to 48 hours of order receipt.

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