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Thermoelectric Power Generators

Opposites attract. They also create electricity that is providing alternative solutions for an energy-dependent world. Based on the Seebeck Effect, a phenomenon where temperature differences between dissimilar metals create an electric current, thermoelectricity can provide power in small spaces and in the most remote locations.

Efficiency requirements are driving the low power consumption demands of the latest handheld, technology devices. An increasingly movable population requires power that is portable and affordable. Thermoelectric Power Generation modules (aka Seebeck modules or TEGs) from Tellurex are up to the challenge.

Our experience and devices have made their way to remote oil pipeline generators, insect-eradication devices and remote-sensing equipment. We are the answer to your power generation needs when:

  • Conventional grid electricity is not available.
  • Batteries are impractical or impossible.
  • Waste heat is abundant and electricity is not.
  • Remote locations make maintenance of battery systems inconvenient.
  • Placement of wires or batteries in a particular area is not feasible.
  • Solar panel solutions are unworkable.


In developing countries around the world, access to electricity and even adequate lighting is a basic necessity unavailable to tens of millions. The issues include cost, safety and inaccessibility to conventional grid electricity.

The solution: tPOD® products from Tellurex.

Our line of thermoelectric power generation devices harvest clean, safe energy in places where it was once unavailable. Our tPOD® Enviro-Light is an electric generator with no moving parts that converts heat from a single tea candle into energy for a powerful LED lamp. In fact, it creates approximately 20 times the light of a regular candle with a much better spectrum and more useful configuration.

The benefits aren’t limited to those in developing nations. The Enviro-Light also has recreational and home safety applications for your own everyday life.


  • Innovation. Tellurex offers thermoelectric devices that can withstand heat levels far above competitors’ maximum temperature levels.
  • Experience. In addition to our years of research in this area, we also have years of delivering real-life, product applications.
  • Insight. Tellurex has vast application knowledge designing generator systems to match the application e.g. heat source available, power needed, DC-to-DC conversion power regulators and heat dissipaters.
  • Capability. We can customize the materials and bonding techniques to tune the devices to your specific application.
  • Affordable. We deliver solutions at competitive prices.
  • Volume pricing. The more you buy, the more you save. Please contact our sales and engineering representatives for details on orders exceeding nine pieces.
  • In-stock. We maintain a healthy stock of our most popular products and can have them shipped within 24 to 48 hours of order receipt.

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