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The Company

We do more than create thermoelectric components. We supply solutions.

Over 20 years ago, Tellurex began as a research and development company focused on thermoelectric science. We’re now a full-service, thermal-management solutions provider utilizing solid-state, thermoelectric heat pumping devices.

When it comes to product implementation, we do more than provide a blueprint for integrating our parts and technology into your projects. Tellurex can also engineer, design and assemble everything you need. We have the insight and unequalled knowledge to get you past the pitfalls common to product development.

We’re experienced problem solvers. We know how to apply precise temperature control and heat removal in places and situations where traditional, compressor-based refrigeration cannot. We design around and sell from a selection of over 60 highly-customizable, standard configurations.

Components supplier. Systems designer. Turnkey assembler. Tellurex is whatever you need to make your project or product possible.

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