Our Technology

All manufacturers begin with the same basic material, bismuth telluride; but it is beyond that elementary level that the Tellurex performance advantage begins. A variety of additional alloys can be combined with bismuth telluride to create superior semi-conductor materials. At Tellurex, the super-efficient performance level of our modules results from a proprietary combination of patented materials and proprietary manufacturing methods that produce robust, efficient performance levels, and knowledgeable sourcing.

Our Tellurex patented process adds structural integrity and durability to our raw thermoelectric pellet material. The enhanced hardness of the finished material enables our modules to withstand harsh environments and remain reliable, day after day, year after year.

These basic factors combine with our know-how to give our modules a performance advantage over our competition. Our patented materials and manufacturing process are the basis of unmatched thermoelectric power and reliability that can endure the most challenging operating conditions. We are always working to further improve our materials and to solidify and expand our competitive advantage.

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