Packable Kit Lights up Dead Smartphones
and First Aid During Disasters

Introducing the Tellurex tPOD1™ Lamp and Charger

Tellurex has launched its innovative, highly portable power-on-demand electrical generator. The revolutionary thermoelectric device provides off-grid bright indoor and outdoor lighting and will soon be able to charge an optional companion portable battery pack to power smartphones during electrical blackouts and in the wilderness.

Tellurex tPOD1 With Lamp And Smartphone Battery

Tellurex tPOD1 with lamp and rechargeable companion battery

Powered by a tea candle heating a thermoelectric generator, or TEG, the compact Tellurex tPOD1™ (Patent Pending) provides four hours of continuous bright light for five cents. Or, it can charge a battery pack to provide minimal power for limited smartphone GPS rescue signal use.

Blackouts Have Increased 124% across the US

Blackouts have increased 124% across the US

During natural disasters such as Hurricane Katrina, and more recently in large Texas and Midwestern areas destroyed by hundreds of tornados, dependable cell phone use was essential for the rescue of individuals and small groups that had been stranded without power, food or water by the storms. Moving about damaged homes and commercial buildings at night, many injuries were incurred by encounters with sharp objects that had been exposed by the storm's damage to structures.

Effective first aid required good sources of light while waiting for emergency services and rescuers, as did food preparation where isolation stretched out over days. Battery powered devices such as cell phones and flashlights expired, often with no readily available means of recharging.

Six Tea Candles = Thirty Cents = 24 Hours of Charging

Six tea candles = thirty cents = 24 hours of charging

Inserted one after another into the Tellurex tPOD1, six tea candles cost thirty cents and will provide 24 hours of bright illumination or charging power. By contrast, in addition to being a fire hazard, fuel-powered camping lanterns are a real threat to lungs and can cause loss of consciousness. A portable gasoline or diesel generator will consume about two dollars of fuel every thirty minutes during a blackout in the US, and that cost can rise to eight dollars or more overseas.

Given recent increases in frequency of blackouts and natural disasters, the Tellurex tPOD1 may be at least as important as smoke detectors and fire extinguishers in homes or workplaces.

"tPOD" is an acronym trademarked by Tellurex that stands for thermoelectric Power On Demand. The highly portable electric generator is rugged and has no moving parts. Its fuel source is readily available around the world. When lit, the tea candle is well protected from wind, and the device may be moved by gripping its black plastic ring while operating.

Tellurex tPOD1 With USB Cable and Companion Battery

Tellurex tPOD1 with USB cable and rechargeable companion battery

The size of a small soup can, the Tellurex tPOD1 weighs less than twelve ounces and fits easily into a backpack or auto glove box. Yet it is sufficiently powerful to illuminate a 25-LED bulb lamp, providing bright, clear light for emergency equipment organization, reading, cooking, game playing or emergency first aid. The optional companion storage battery pack will charge sufficiently to power limited use of smartphones for texting or making an emergency phone call.

More importantly, the six tea candles offer the power to recharge the companion battery pack so that a smartphone can operate on standby and provide use of GPS or satellite tracking signals to guide emergency rescue operations to the victim's location. Each time the battery pack is exhausted, it can be recharged, and the locator signal can be transmitted anew with texting capabilities on standby.

Tea Candles - Made From Plants And Available Worldwide

Tea Candles - Made from plants and available worldwide

The inexpensive, common tea candle is available worldwide and commonly used in some of the most impoverished areas of the world. Most tea candles are made from natural and renewable resources such as palm oil and other plant sources.

Google: Power Outage Search Rises

Google: Power outage search rises

As the electrical grid has aged, blackouts across North America have jumped 124 percent over the past two decades. In May of 2012, Google reported 5.4 million keyword searches each month associated with power outages in the US market alone and 6.2 million monthly searches worldwide.

The Tellurex tPOD1 will be sold with a supply of readily available tea candles that are one-half-inch tall wax candles packaged within a containment ring and commonly available throughout the industrialized and developing worlds. When placed beneath the Tellurex tPOD1, these inexpensive and easy-to-source candles will each burn for up to four hours. One candle will provide the amount of heat required by the thermoelectric modules within the tPOD1 to create an electron flow that generates one-quarter watt of continuous power.

Tellurex tPOD1 Also Powers Outdoor Recreation

Tellurex tPOD1 also powers outdoor recreation

To ensure you will have off-grid light and power capabilities for any situation you may encounter, conveniently order your tPOD1 today directly from our website! You will also enjoy an extra sense of safety and security knowing you have a power generator at the ready in case of an unforeseen emergency. Place your order today!

Tellurex Rechargable tPOD1 Battery

Tellurex companion rechargable tPOD1 battery