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Tellurex is the developer and manufacturer of the Z-Max® module, the most powerful commercially available power generation thermoelectric module in the world. We serve customers worldwide in a broad variety of industries, including thermoelectric devices and systems design for automotive, consumer products, medical and biomedical products, and the U.S. Military.

Already the global leader in new thermoelectric materials, nano-based materials research and design for manufacture, Tellurex is now working on even more advanced materials and assembly processes. These are expected to significantly exceed current efficiencies associated with thermoelectric conversion of waste heat

tPOD1 - *NEW* Tea-Candle Powered Generator

Tellurex tPOD1™ Lamp and ChargerThis revolutionary thermoelectric device converts heat into electricity and provides off-grid bright indoor and outdoor lighting and can charge other small electric devices.

Powered by a tea candle heating a thermoelectric generator, or TEG, the compact Tellurex tPOD1™ (Patent Pending) provides four hours of continuous bright light for five cents. When placed beneath the Tellurex tPOD1, these inexpensive candles provide the right amount of heat for the tPOD1's thermoelectric modules to generate electric power. This electric power illuminates the lamp or can power some other small electric devices.

The Tellurex tPOD1 kit (incudes 1 tPOD1, 20 tea candles, 1 LED reading light and 1 carrying case) at a value price! The kit includes everything you need to activate your tPOD1 and provide power on demand.

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tPOD5™ — Packable Off-Grid Power Generator

tPOD5 Packable Off-Grid Power Generator The Tellurex tPOD5 is a fully assembled portable power generator. Unit requires a camp or kitchen stove to operate. Produces a steady five watts of power after a five-minute heat load. Designed for hours of use over the heat source for a more complete recharge. Package includes a heat resistant power cable to position the integral power regulator with the USB 2.0 power output from the heat source. Weighs 1.3 kg.

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Thermoelectric Power Generator

PG-1 Thermoelectric Power Generator Tellurex's PG-1 comes fully assembled with everything you need to begin your own thermoelectric power plant. This self-contained device is ideal for demonstrating the powergen Seebeck effect of thermoelectric power generation for the scientist, educator, inventor, or hobbyist. Apply heat using Sterno® or Magic Heat® canned fuel to begin generating electricity. Adjustable output from 3 to 14 volts.

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